Abbeyfield Mental Wellbeing

If you are worried about your own mental wellbeing or one of your friends,

or maybe your just curious – read the steps below to see how you can access support.

1. I want to find things out to help myself…Log on to for a range of support, advice, and positive activities. There’s a range of books on offer in the Reading Well section of the Library.Visit the school website for helpful resources under the Wellbeing section.Email to ask for more information & support from the Pastoral Team.
2. I’d like my parents/carers to get involved…Ask them to check out the school website and look under Wellbeing,this area is updated regularly and has links to other websites and resources.Speak to your Tutor/Pastoral Lead/Head of Year about courses we run in school, especially to support parents and carers.
3. I’d like to have someone to chat to…Speak to your Tutor, Pastoral Lead or HOY about accessing support. This could be an informal catch up with a member of staff or accessing a more structured session with a Peer Mentor.   Every adult in school is here to help and will be more than happy to talk through any worries you have. We appreciate this isn’t always easy during a busy school day, so why not email Time2Talk to arrange.
4. I’d like some 1 to 1 support…We have several specifically trained professionals who visit school on a weekly basis to support students with a wide range of needs.Education Mental Health PractitionerWiltshire Mental Health Support TeamRelate CounsellorRISE MentorSchool Nursing TeamIf you would be interested in having 1 to 1 support, please see your Tutor/Pastoral Lead/HoY
5. I’ve tried the above but would like more support…We currently have access to a CAMHS Senior Mental Health Practitioner and SPA Clinician link with who we are able to consult and where necessary escalate a referral via school. You or your parent/carer can self-refer to CAMHS via   CAMHS website provides additional self-help resources for children, young people and their families