Abbeyfield School Wild Garden

At Abbeyfield we have been creating a sensory space in the grounds which can be used as a tranquil area for students and staff to enjoy the outdoors. In spring 2022 we started to build an area where we could plant flowers, vegetables and a water garden. We wanted to have somewhere for students where they could have some quiet time but also find a spot where we could be inspired to do our art work, photography and written work.

Various students, across the year groups, have visited the garden and sowed seeds, planted out flowers and vegetables, weeded and watered and cultivated an ever growing garden. The long hot summer saw us enjoy the fruits of our labours as we picked strawberries, fresh peas, tomatoes, peppers, gherkins and herbs.

We are being as eco-friendly as possible by recycling any green waste in a compost bin and we have bought a Wormery to recycle some of our food waste at Abbeyfield using the resulting compost on the garden. After school clubs are now getting involved and with everyone’s help the area will grow and grow.

Students involved have remarked on how much they have enjoyed the opportunity to be in the outdoors and several have gone away thinking about careers in agriculture and market gardening. SEN students have enjoyed the outdoor space and have welcomed the chance for reflection time when they are finding the school day difficult.

We will continue to grow the garden and expand across the curriculum involving many more students and we are, at the present time, further planning for the expansion of the garden and looking forward to what we can grow next.