Abbeyfield STOP Parenting Programme

Abbeyfield STOP Parenting Programme

This programme is aimed at parents who feel they would like to understand how their teenager thinks and why they behave in certain ways. When a child reaches adolescence many changes are taking place for them both physically and mentally. Often their behaviour and attitude become difficult to understand, where we once had a cooperative happy child we may find an argumentative defiant young person living with us. It can be a baffling time for families and parents often ask themselves “Where am I going wrong?” or “When is my child ever going to change and behave themselves?”

The Abbeyfield STOP Programme aims to explain these changes and find ways to deal with challenging behaviour in a positive way that means your relationship with your teenager can improve and grow.

If you would like to know more please contact:

Mrs Evans

KS3 Pastoral Lead/ESA Co-ordinator