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Jessica Pierce

Youth Sport Trust Lead School Lead

In today’s challenging world, Abbeyfield School has been lucky enough to become the lead school in Wiltshire for all things Sports Leadership, Volunteering and Coaching (LVC), working with Youth Sport Trust. We as a school are fully committed to ensuring all children get the opportunity to experience leadership. We all understand the importance of being active and the direct impact in enhancing our wellbeing and improving our mental health.

LCV Lead Schools are beacons of best practice in their counties, promoting an increased profile and additional opportunities for young leaders in their area. LCV Leads play two essential roles: influencing and driving innovative leadership practice across the county providing support and guidance to schools and partners, and delivering targeted interventions appropriate to area of need.

To introduce myself, my Name is Jessica Pierce and I am delighted to be the Community Sport Leader responsible for delivering /giving the opportunity for your school to access the leadership programme though Youth Sport Trust and train YR5/YR6 to become Sports Leaders.

I have been responsible for running the Sports Ambassador Programme at Abbeyfield for the past 5 years and feel very passionate about children being given the opportunity to lead. My fundamental belief is that you do not have to be sporty to be a leader.

The main role of a Sports Leader:  Respect, Self-Belief, Honesty, Team Work, Passion and Determination. 

To achieve this we will:
• Encourage all children to get involved in sports no matter of ability.
• Create new ideas to develop sport within their school.
• Show sports leadership qualities such as team work, good listening skills, fair play and respect.
• Help teach children certain skills within different aspects of sport.
• Officiate different lunch time and intra-school competitions.
• Take suggestions and ideas from their class about how sport can be improved within their school.
• Help set up, get children involved, organise fair teams and record results from intra-school competitions.
• Create and deliver key stage assemblies on upcoming sporting events.
• Design posters to be placed around the school advertising sporting competitions and fundraising events.

If this is something your school would like to be involved with (fingers crossed you do as its super exciting) and would like to know more about the Youth Sport Programme, please do not hesitate to contact me.