Art and Photography

Head of Department: Mr Jennings

Art and Design is thriving at Abbeyfield School. Students have the opportunity to develop a range of skills including drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, textiles and digital media; and experience enrichment opportunities like art clubs, exhibitions, trips and competitions. Talent can be seen in the many vibrant displays around the school and you can keep up to date with our art via Instagram and the school website.

Curriculum Maps


Art and Design at Key Stage 3

Our programme of study is well-structured to ensure that students gain a broad experience of many disciplines and are well-equipped for potential progression onto Key Stage 4. Students will be taught: how to work with different media and processes; how to critically analyse the work of artists, craftspeople and designers; and how to confidently develop their own personal response to a particular theme or brief. Under-pinning all of this is a strong emphasis on developing quality drawing skills and good presentation of work. Our current programme of study is:

Year 7

  • Project 1: The Formal Elements – A foundation course in drawing techniques, use of tone and colour theory
  • Project 2: Insects – A project that allows students to develop observational skills and sculpture techniques through the making of 3D bugs.

Year 8

  • Project 1: Dia De Los Muertos – Students explore the fascinating culture of Mexico and the art works inspired by Day of the Dead and make their own sugar skull in response to their research.
  • Project 2: The Figure – Students develop confidence in analysing and depicting the proportions of the body and they explore different artists’ responses to this theme.

Year 9

  • Unit 1 – The Great Outdoors: Students develop their skills in using a range of media and are introduced to different styles of landscape art by artists and art movements.
  • Unit 2 – Amazing Asia – Students explore the vibrant and diverse cultures of Asia and create art work inspired by their research.


Art and Design at Key Stage 4


Photography at Key Stage 4




Art and Design at Key Stage 5


Photography at Key Stage 5