Food Technology

Head of Department: Ms Ritzaki


Good food and nutrition is vital for a healthy life and Abbeyfield students are given a very good start in the area. From Year 7 they learn essential skills such as hygiene, measuring and safe use of tools and equipment; and develop a broad range of cookery skills and knowledge. Eventually progressing to developing, implementing and evaluating their own recipe ideas. Students who wish to can also go on and gain a qualification in KS4.



Year 7 – Let’s get Cooking and Healthy Eating

Students learn about the importance of using tools and equipment safely and the importance of hygiene through discussion and practical tasks e.g. fruit and vegetable preparation. They learn about the significance of measuring accurately when preparing ingredients. They learn how to use the oven, hob and the grill when they make soup, flapjacks and cheesy potato bake as well as the microwave when they make a delicious pudding. Students are expected to evaluate their dishes and make comparisons to commercially produced dishes. Alongside the practical skills student will learn about the meaning of healthy choices in food and will be introduced to the Eatwell Guide.

Year 8 –  Recipe adaptation Dragons Den Project

Students will continue to build their confidence in the kitchen, they will cook each week developing the skills they learnt in Year 7. Pupils will design a range of burger ideas, these they will analyse, cost and cook. They will also write a pitch to The Dragons promoting their range of ideas. This provides students with the chance to use both their literacy and numeracy skills when completing the task. Students will also learn the skills required to make pastry and bread all with an emphasis on healthy choices when selecting foods with a greater emphasis on nutrition.

Year 9 –  Tray-bake Project

This project provides the students with far more freedom to develop their ideas with the theme based on tray bakes. They will consider a range of ideas and come up with their final choice. When analysing they will use sensory analysis techniques, cost the product as a whole and per slice. They will also be introduced a nutritional analysis programme when they will run a report on their product and reflect on the outcomes and how the product could be further improved.

International cookery assessment. Students will select a country of their choice, research the background such as climate, festivals and typical dishes eaten. They will also be assessed on a chosen dish they make reflecting the country of choice.