Our mission is to enable all students to be confident, independent users of the Library. We aim to support their learning needs by providing access to appropriate books and resources in order to prepare them to succeed in their futures.

The Library is run by Mr G Evans the School Librarian.

Opening Hours

The Library is open to students and staff at following time during term time:

  • Monday to Thursday: 8.30 am to 4 pm
  • Friday: 8.40 am to 3 pm

Students can use the Library during Break time and Lunchtime for:

  • Reading
  • Homework
  • Studying
  • Drawing
  • Revision
  • Playing Board Games


We also run the following clubs in the Library for all Year 7 to 11 students:

  • Homework Club – Monday to Thursday (3 pm to 4 pm)
  • Warhammer Club – Tuesday (3 pm to 4 pm)
  • Film Club – Thursday and Friday Lunchtimes
  • Reading Groups

Library Facilities

The Library is resourced with a large fiction collection and information books. Also a small DVD film Library. Unless they are for reference only, all of these may be borrowed by students. There are 18 computers in the Library which students can use for school work only.  In addition to this, we also have a Sixth Form Library.

Students can take out the following number of items out from the Library at any one time:

  • Year 7 to 9 – 3 items
  • Year 10 & 11 – 4 items
  • Year 12 & 13 – 6 items

Within this item allowance, students can take out books for 2 weeks and 1 DVD or Blue-ray only for 3 days.  Students can renew their items if they present them to Mr Evans or a Pupil Library Assistant.  Any student with any items overdue for over a month cannot take any more items out of the Library until the previous items are returned. If any student damages or loses any items, they must replace them.

Library Catalogue

Students can also access the school Library catalogue via the school library management system: Libresoft Librarian.

KS3 Reading Programme

All Year 7 and 8 students take part in the Accelerated Reader (AR) scheme. Students first take an online reading test to give them a reading range score. Students then choose one of the many books within that range to read from the Library. When they have finished the book, they take an online quiz which gives them a score as a percentage. This shows students how well they have read the book and guides them in choosing their next book. Accelerated Reader will help students to become more confident readers by Year 9. If they forget their book, particularly at their fortnightly reading lesson they cannot participate fully in the reading lesson.

Students can quiz there books outside of school using the website below.

Students can check the AR Level for any books they are reading at home by using the AR Book Finder website at .  

In addition to this students are awarded pings for their reading as part of the KS3 reading awards scheme and school house competition.

We expect the following from all KS3 students in regards to reading:

  • Have a book with them in school at all times.
  • Treat all Library Books with respect.
  • Encourage students to read a range of different reading materials.
  • Have fun when reading!

We also encourage parents and carers to support their child with their reading, by valuing reading themselves, prompt your child to remember their books each day and encourage them to read at home.

If you have any questions in regards to reading or the KS3 reading programme, please feel free to contact the school librarian (Mr Evans) by email: .

Events, Projects and Competitions

The Library also hosts a number of events and competitions throughout the school year for example:

  • Book Fair
  • World Book Week
  • Carnegie Book Awards
  • Creative Writing Competitions
  • Author Talks

Volunteering in the Library

All Year 7 to 11 students can volunteer in the Library during break and lunchtime as Pupil Library Assistants, helping Mr Evans with various tasks:

  • Tidying and shelving books
  • Helping students with the Library Portal
  • Issuing, Returning and Renewing books for students and staff.
  • Book stock work or creating a display.

Sixth Form Students can also volunteer in the Library as well.