Whole school curriculum intent:

At Abbeyfield School, our inclusive and personalised curriculum inspires pupils to be aspirant, providing them with an enriching learning journey. We prepare our pupils for the relevant demands of a rapidly changing world. Developing them as individuals throughout our engaging curriculum underpinned by our research led teaching strategies.

  • Art

    Head of Department: Mr Jennings

    Art and Design is thriving at Abbeyfield School. Students have the opportunity to develop a range of skills including drawing,...

  • Business Studies

    Business Studies is an exciting subject which encourages students to look at the real world around them, considering the role and operation of businesses, as well as the impact of them on their society. Our team of highly experienced business teachers inspire pupils to think about their place and role in the business world, post education, and encourages them to engage with parents, friends and relatives about their roles in businesses.

  • Computing

    At Abbeyfield we believe in the role of computing, and the creative problem solving that it embodies, in equipping students to understand and change the world around them. Digital literacy is essential today, and in a hands-on curriculum that includes computer science, programming and creative information technology, students have the opportunity to develop their skills and confidence in this vital area.

  • Creative Arts

    Drama is a very popular subject here at Abbeyfield School which gives students lots of opportunities to build self-confidence and develop co-operative skills. We support them in their development of creativity and provide the students with an understanding of the craft of drama.

  • Design and Technology

    Product Design encourages students to design and manufacture creative and innovative products, using a range of materials such as paper and card, textiles, timber based materials, ferrous and nonferrous metals and electronic components. Students also develop a variety of manufacturing techniques, key problem solving skills and a good knowledge and understanding of materials technology, becoming responsible and creative designers.

  • Economics

    Economics is a popular and successful A Level at Abbeyfield. Among other things, students study behaviour and ask the important questions about why markets exist and what drives firms to produce as well as why individuals choose to consume the goods and services they do.

  • English

    The English faculty at Abbeyfield is passionate and ambitious, with highly skilled teachers delivering an education of the highest quality. Lessons are creative and vibrant, held together by carefully planned units of work. We strive to be the very best at what we do, and so work very hard to ensure that students make rapid and sustained progress across all Key Stages.

  • Extended Project Qualification

    At Abbeyfield we are keen to ensure that we are able to support outgoing Year 11 students with continuing to carry out purposeful learning that will support them moving into their next steps at...

  • Fashion and Textiles

    Textile products play an important role in meeting man’s basic needs. Pupils quickly learn that the technological advances of textiles in various industries are just as important as the textiles found in the clothing industry. For example, who would have thought that textiles are used in coffee filters, tea bags, building materials, roads before they are paved, tyres (75% of the strength from textiles), bullet proof vests, sports equipment and even candle wicks!

  • Food Technology

    Good food and nutrition is vital for a healthy life and Abbeyfield students are given a very good start in the area. From Year 7 they learn essential skills such as hygiene, measuring and safe use of tools and equipment; and develop a broad range of cookery skills and knowledge. Eventually progressing to developing, implementing and evaluating their own recipe ideas. Students who wish to can also go on and gain a qualification in KS4.

  • Geography

    At Abbeyfield we believe in the role of Geography in understanding and making sense of the world and the challenges it faces. Students will have the opportunity to study and develop the skills needed to make sense of these complex and dynamic situations, equipping them for successful further study and stimulating an interest in and a sense of wonder about people and places.

  • History

    In history we aim to give students an informed understanding of key historic events and the skills needed to understand how the past has influenced the future. Spanning 15 centuries, we study events such as the Battle of Hastings, Black Death, Crusades, English Civil War, Industrial Revolution and World War One. Equipping students with a range of analytical skills for more in depth later study.

  • Learning Support

    Learning Support is a caring, friendly and experienced department, which works across all subject areas offering assistance in class, working in small groups or with individual pupils where needed.

  • Library

    Our mission in the library is to enable all students to be confident, independent users of the Library. We aim to support their learning needs by providing access to appropriate books and resources in order to prepare them to succeed in their futures.

  • Literacy and Numeracy

    At Abbyeyfield, we feel strongly that delivering literacy and numeracy in all lessons is imperative to provide students with a well rounded education that sets them up well for life in the 21st Century.

  • Mathematics

    Everyone needs mathematics. It is inherently creative, helping to solve some of history’s most intriguing problems, and is critical to science, technology, engineering and finance. Abbeyfield students are taught a tailored curriculum to allow them make the best possible progress and develop a sense of enjoyment, curiosity and appreciation for the elegance of mathematics.

  • Modern Foreign Languages

    At Abbeyfield we really value languages, recognising both the importance of students being able to speak an additional language and the opportunities it offers them later in life. You can expect fun, interactive lessons, where learning takes place easily as you develop grammar skills and fluency in a language.

  • Music

    Music is a successful subject at Abbeyfield. From Year 7, we blend together an in-depth exploration of music history, genre and theory with numerous practical activities (either solo or as part of an ensemble) which help students to consolidate and further their learning and be assessed.

  • Photography

    Head of Department: Mr Jennings

    Photography is a growing area of study at Abbeyfield. Channelling creative skills with analytical ability allows students to express themselves...

  • Religion and Worldviews

    The study of philosophy instils expertise in critical analysis, thinking and problem-solving, empowering students to communicate ideas clearly, logically and compellingly, within a contextual framework of ethics. We are very proud of our excellent Philosophy results and the quality of debate and discussions that take place throughout.

  • PSHE

    We strongly believe that PSHE covers essential skills and knowledge that supports a broad and balanced curriculum.

  • Physical Education

    The PE Department at Abbeyfield comprises a highly dedicated and experienced staff. Our focus is ensuring that our students have an enjoyable, challenging and high-quality experience of PE through a curriculum that is progressive and designed to allow students of all abilities to develop their physical abilities and understanding of performance.

  • Psychology

    At Abbeyfield we are very pleased to be able to offer Psychology. Throughout life, you will need to make challenging decisions and having an understanding of yourself and your own personality can really help during these times. Understanding Psychology can also give you a unique understanding of a person, job or role and can be used in many different careers.

  • Science

    Abbeyfield Science Department is an exciting and innovative place for pupils to engage in Science and be inspired to achieve. We have worked closely with our primary providers to make our KS3 curriculum aspiring, exciting and challenging and aim to guide our pupils to learn about Science though real life experiences like animal handling, dissections or visits like the one to the large hadron collider in Switzerland. Through all this and more we try to make the different aspects of science appealing to all.

  • Sociology

    Sociology is unique in its recognition not only that societies shape us, but also that we shape our societies. This latter process is present in all societies and all human groups, but its especially central to democracy in which citizens are explicitly expected to participate in shaping their society. Indeed, without an informed and active citizenry, democracy withers and dies. Therefore it is important to the society as a whole as well as to the self-interest of individual citizens, that we all are afforded a sound understanding based on valid, reliable and systematic evidence.