Inspiring Excellence

We believe that every Sixth Form student has the potential to be successful now, and in the future, and it is this belief that supports our students to make excellent progress during their Sixth Form studies.  

Abbeyfield prides itself on having an inclusive Sixth Form, but regardless of your starting point we are confident that you will make progress and leave as a more confident learner, ready to embark on your chosen post-18 pathway.

Whatever you aspire to be, whether it is a leading doctor involved in pioneering research, a global leader, a business entrepreneur or even part of the next generation of inspirational teachers (!!), we can support you to achieve your goals.

Our students aim high, and leave having been supported and motivated to achieve their best possible outcomes.

Our Sixth Form students are overwhelmingly positive about the support they receive to help them to make progress: 

“I love being at Abbeyfield Sixth Form because all the teachers always want the very best for all their students and they are always pushing us to improve and succeed. They are extremely supportive and will always do anything they can to help.

“So many others as well as myself are really appreciative of what you do for us, and are very lucky to have such a good Head of sixth form”

“Abbeyfield Sixth Form has always been very supportive, with constant communication with teachers and my tutor. I feel Abbeyfield gives me the best support possible!”

The teachers are always happy to help with any problems whether that be friendships or homework they are always there to help. Going into 6th Form was a daunting time because it was a new stage of my life but from the first day I walked through those doors I felt comfortable. From the second I step into school to the second I leave I am constantly laughing and smiling. I couldn’t think of a better 6th Form to be at.”

“Abbeyfield is a brilliant place to learn, and also offers Sixth Form students the opportunity to partake in extra-curricular activities, which helps with university applications”

“Abbeyfield Sixth Form has provided me with high quality teaching with lots of one on one support, in addition to having a strong community atmosphere where everyone supports one other. Abbeyfield is setting me up for a really successful future”

“I know if I ever need help with anything I can go to one of my teachers and they will do whatever they can to help me do the best I can in all my subjects, and this made the transition into Sixth Form less stressful”.

“Studying at Abbeyfield Sixth Form had been a very enjoyable experience. I have been given several opportunities to build my leadership skills, starting with the role of House Leader in year 12 and leading Student Council before becoming Head Girl. None of this has come at the detriment of my studies due to the vast support I have received both in the classroom and one-to-one support. On top of this, the community nature offers opportunities for pastoral support and extra-curricular events”.

This is also reflected by comment received from parents:

“Thank you for your continuous support and dedication to my child, your passion must inspire many.”

“He has received fantastic support from all of you at Abbeyfield school during this difficult time. It’s a team effort that is working very well so thank you to all of you for your continued hard work”

“It’s great to see that our son’s hard work is paying off and achieving excellent results. We are very proud of him. Thank you for being such a fab teacher in these difficult times

“Thank you for taking the time to send this feedback, it is good to hear especially when I see him struggling and doubting himself”

The comments are a testimony to the hard work and support provided by our outstanding KS5 subject teachers, tutor and lead teachers. 

Progress doesn’t come without effort, and our teachers are committed to making this effort. Are you?