Abbeyfield LGBTQIA+ HUB

At Abbeyfield we run LGBTQIA+ support and information sessions every other week on a Thursday break time. This was facilitated due to the growing number of LGBTQIA+ students wanting to have the opportunity to meet and support each other in the school community

This is a meaningful space where students can get together and just be themselves, have discussions and organise events to promote within school. It is place to make friends, celebrate diversity, learn from each other, and discuss topical issues in a safe and welcoming environment. It can also help students to develop confidence and leadership skills as members can raise awareness of issues that are important to them and advocate for equality in their environments.

Any students are welcome and we have a number of upper school LGBTQIA+ ambassadors who support the group and help to raise awareness and coordinate activities.

For further information please speak to Miss Walby