Multi Skills Offer

Multi Skills

Mrs Pierce can deliver Multi-Skill festivals in your school to support your children develop these life skills and prepare for competition in the future. Mrs Pierce  will train your YR5 in the Youth Sport Trust Leadership programme, giving these students the skills to deliver these fantastic festivals. We also offer Key Stage Festivals at Abbeyfield School run by the experienced Youth Sport Trust Platinum leaders. You can use your sports premium to hire a coach or book the Abbeyfield mini bus to come and experience one of many Multi Skills Festivals.

Multi-Skill festivals are a fantastic way of supporting the development of fundamental movement skills. It is not competitive and you are working against your own ability.

Developing fundamental movement skills from a young age supports young people to be happy, healthy and confident movers, with the essential skills they need to develop a life-long love of being physically active.

Multi-Skill festivals include a rotation of multi-skill activities, e.g. jumping, skipping, throwing, catching, lunging, which challenge children to achieve their personal best.

These quality learning experiences allow children to develop their physical competence whilst experiencing wider social benefits and outcomes. To book your school in contact