At Abbeyfield School, our teaching and learning strategies are underpinned by a commitment to providing all students with opportunities to challenge themselves, and be inspired and motivated to achieve the best possible outcomes.  These opportunities are extended to all students as we believe that all students should be given equal access to excel in their studies.  

Our AIM provision includes challenge tasks to stretch our most able students within all lessons, as well as opportunities for inspired and motivated students to complete challenge and extension tasks outside lessons. Please see our subject AIM tasks below.

Able students (also referred to ‘gifted and talented’) are identified through outcomes of CAT tests completed in Year 7. Teachers will be aware of these students and will know how to target them with challenge and extension work.  We also regularly review performance of identified students who are excelling in their work, regardless of CAT tests, and again these students will be supported with more challenging work in their lessons.

Inspired and Motivated students are identified by class teachers based on their attitude to learning, and enthusiasm for a subject. A child does not need to be ‘able’ to be identified as inspired and motivated. Teachers will be aware of these students, and will provide these students with opportunities to further develop their love of the subject.

To learn more about our AIM provision, please refer to our AIM Policy below.

If you have any questions, please contact Miss Jones: