Senior Leaders

Hello my name is Abi and I am one of the Sport Enrichment leaders. I am a Woman’s FA qualified referee, footballer and a figure skater. As you can tell I am passionate about sports and being a team leader. I joined the sports ambassador program in year 9 because I wanted to engage younger kids in participating physical activities and events which would benefit them physically and mentally. Since joining the sports ambassador program it has helped with my confidence and improved my leadership and organisation skills. It has also allowed me to inspire hundreds of primary school students and help them grow as an individual.

My name is Abbie , I am part of Sports Enrichment and my role in this is focused on our Primary Schools and Clubs. This role involves supporting the organisation of events, coordinating the sports ambassadors, booking the space required, communicating with others about the event and organising the activities. I organise events such as multi skills where we split the children into groups, and they rotate round different stations of many activities.  I also communicate closely with Miss Pierce to put across my ideas and inform her with any information I have about the event.  I am currently the lead on the Wiltshire Young Voices project and will be launching this scheme to all the schools in Wiltshire.

Hi, I’m Molly, I’m the Sports Enrichment for Community. I’m responsible for helping with community events such as The Glow in the Dark fun run. I became a sports ambassador in year 9 because I wanted to run fun activities for younger children like others did for me when I was in primary school. I became a Sports Enrichment Coordinator in year 12 because I wanted more responsibility within the programme. I’ve loved being a bigger part of the family so far, it’s helped me become more confident and be more organised.