With lock-down continuing, and Christmas looking like it’s going to be very different this year, please see link below to a fantastic website with lots of resources to support you if you feel you are struggling.



These include links to how to help young people to deal with grief, which is particularly pertinent as we approach Connor and Evie’s anniversaries.

We are also always here to help, so please do let myself or tutors know if you would like to talk and /or be directed to in-school support via the school nurse or CAMH’s.

I would also stress the importance of making parents (if you feel able to) if you feel you are struggling with your mental health at all.  They can’t help if you don’t tell them! Talking to your peers and friends is also incredibly important as they can be a really strong support ‘bubble’ for you.

As part of Wiltshire’s plan to support children and young people’s emotional well-being and mental health, we have been designated a Thrive Hub school.

As a Thrive Hub school we receive additional support to help build children and young people’s resilience, support parents/carers and promote mentally healthy schools. We also share our training and good practice with other local schools.

This is a joint project involving Wiltshire CCG, schools and Wiltshire Council, making use of CCG transformation funding for children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing.

Work is currently underway to implement a range of projects, as part of the Thrive Hub action plan. This was launched with other Thrive Hub schools during September 2016 with a week of activities and a central event in Trowbridge.

Support available as a result of being a Thrive Hub school includes:

  • Additional support from CAMHS
  • Evidence based parenting programmes, from the Ministry of Parenting
  • Online counselling for students from Kooth
  • Peer mentoring, working with Kidscape
  • Access to the Royal Society of Public Health Youth Health Champions programme
  • Youth Mental Health First Aid training

    Through strengthening early intervention and prevention in school we hope to ensure that children are catered for at the earliest point possible and therefore reducing the negative impact on their lives. This will also reduce the demand for more costly specialist interventions when problems may have become more serious.

    Please click the image below to read more about the CAMH’s service: